Snugglebundl baby lifting blanket: a review

Sophie Woodruff, a disabled parent from Bristol, UK, reviews the new Snugglebundl babylifting blanket.

Picture of Snugglebundl

The Snugglebundl arrived in lightweight professional packaging, a clear plastic bag with poppers to open so no need to reach for scissors to open the pack. The packaging itself was minimal, no instructions other than what was printed on the cardboard insert. To be fair, the product is pretty self-explanatory and instructions are not really needed. However, there was some kind of 'tie' sewn onto one side of the Snugglebundl that we couldn't work out what it was for. I suspect it allows you to fasten the Snugglebundl around the shoulder for breast feeding but myself and my husband couldn't work it out.

Generally my main concern during pregnancy (this was our first child) was transporting our baby up and down our stairs as I suffer from very limited movement in my right arm. We had been looking for some kind of baby sling/carrier to allow me to do this, but all of the ones we saw really required two hands to get the baby into place and were rather fiddly. The Snugglebundl cuts out this concern, as at a basic level it is just like putting the baby into a comfortable hand bag and lifting with one arm! One of the major benefits is that there is no fiddling around with straps, adjusting the fit etc, you just place the baby in and lift.

We tested on a newborn up to about 8 weeks old and experienced no difficulties in terms of the weight or size of the baby. I'm not sure how this well this product would work on a 3 to 6 month old for example, but there does appear to be plenty of room for growth. For me, this product was absolutely fantastic as it really gave me the freedom to take our baby from room to room and up and down the stairs with real confidence.

The quality of the Snugglebundl is very good. The fabric that the baby would lie in is very soft and comfortable. It is machine washable and after a few washes there were no signs of loss of colour or damage to the fabric. There were no loose threads and the baby feels very secure inside. More often than not, if we were lifting the baby from the moses basket and taking him upstairs, he was comfortable enough that he wouldn't wake up. On occasions he would actually fall asleep in the short move from downstairs to upstairs! Our baby was held securely, the shape of the Snugglebundl makes it impossible for a baby to slide out.

We were so pleased with the review product that we decided to buy our own Snugglebundl after the review period. I would recommend this to anyone with any problems or concerns with lifting and carrying a baby with one arm, or with any upper body mobility issues like post C-Section mothers for example.


Published: 1 May 2014

  • Sarah

    I used this too, I have limited strength and struggled to lift my little boy from the floor. I allowed me lift him on to the sofa so I could pick him up or into the pram. You can roll up the end between their legs to allow a harness, or in the car seat or pram, to do up.
    I believe the tie is to tie around one of the handles, so you wrap them up like you are swaddling them!

    4 December 2017
  • I used a Snugglebundl too as I was unable to carry my baby in a sling - it sounds strange but I cant lift anything in front, I can only lift from the side - so the Snugglebundl was perfect for me and my little one seemed happy to be carried around in it!

    10 January 2018

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