A baby grow with magnetic fasteners: a product review

Rachel Hoeschen and her partner, Martin, from Birmingham, UK, review baby clothes with magnetic fasteners from Magnificent Baby. Available from www.magnificentbaby.com.

The clothing from Magnificent Baby doesn't attach with the fiddly snaps and buttons that we are used to seeing on baby clothing. Instead it uses magnets to fasten the clothing together.

We heard about these baby grows from our occupational therapist after having asked about products that would help my partner be more actively involved in the care of our newborn daughter. As he only has use of his left hand, Martin, my partner, struggled to do up the snaps on regular baby grows and spent ages trying to get our wiggly baby into them before the tears started.

Just as advertised, the magnetic fastening baby grows are much easier to get on a baby than traditional ones. Once Martin got the arms and legs in, it took only seconds for him to match the magnets and have our daughter ready to go. The best part is that if you mismatch two magnets you don't have to go back and start again to get each join to match up. You simply run your hand over the baby grow to smooth it out and you are good to go!

We trialled two different designs – a boy's baby gown and a girl's baby footie outfit. Both outfits were easy for Martin to use. He could dress our daughter in a quarter of the time needed with other baby clothing. We both appreciated the fact that we didn't need to pull clothing over her head as all the joins where down the front. It is very difficult to get clothing over a baby's head when you only have one hand and next to impossible when that clothing has experienced a blow out and you are trying not to make an even bigger mess.

Having heard about the clothing through the NHS I wasn't expecting much as far as style goes. However, I was presently surprised. Both the items that we tried out were very presentable, if not a bit plain. A quick look on the website shows a wide variety of different styles, some of which are rather cool! They were both made of quality fabric as well and are still very soft even after a number of washes.

There are only a few things that made this product not quite perfect. First of all, I found it very strange that there was no tag that detailed the washing instructions (see note). I was rather dubious about putting magnets in my washing machine and dryer and had thrown out the instruction manual that detailed the clothing's care. Luckily, they are both washer and dryer safe (I did find that they took a bit longer to dry then regular baby clothes). The lack of tag also meant that there was no size marked on each item which may not be super important but is a bit annoying when dealing with piles of baby clothes. Neither of the items came with fold over hand covers which you find on some baby clothing. Our daughter constantly scratched herself in the night without the covers, so we regulated both items to day use only.

For the most part, we were both very happy with both items of clothing and did find them to be a tremendous improvement on traditional baby clothing. They do run a bit expensive though and there maybe aren't enough options available to fully kit out a baby yet. We do plan on purchasing a few more pieces though as Martin really found the magnetic fastenings helpful.

Editor's note: Magnificent Baby have assured Disability, Pregnancy and Parenthood that, while the samples reviewed did not have labels, all items of clothing purchased from them do contain sewn-in labels with both washing and sizing information. Washing advice is also available on the Magnificent Baby website, and is as follows:

“Magnificent Baby recommends closing your garment's Smart Close™ fasteners before washing and drying. Wash or dry your garment with a full load of laundry. Wash warm with like colors, tumble dry on low, dry for no more than 30 minutes and remove your garments promptly after washing or drying. Use only non-chlorine bleach when needed and do not use commercial dryers. Be sure to check your garment's care label (usually inside the garment) for further information.”

Published: 30 January 2014. Updated 6 March 2014.

  • Joann del Castillo

    I purchased about 15 items from Magnificent baby and found the items to be very expensive for 1 piece, as my daughter is on disability and can not afford to buy these wonderful clothes. I was wondering why they must be so expensive. my daughter and I love the clothes and wish we could get more because she had a stroke and has no use of left arm at all and on disability, very disheartening that they would make such a wonderful product for the disabled but make them so unaffordable. At first I thought what wonderful caring people and then I saw the prices and thought wow they just found a way to prey on the disabled. $34-$44 for a one piece is astronomical.

    10 October 2020

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