verity.blackman_1417 asked about:

Would it be helpful to have an information film with BSL and subtitles explaining routine antenatal care, screening tests, choices for birth, pain relief, parentcraft, postnatal care on hospital websites?

As a midwife I have cared for a deaf couple during two pregnancies and realise how little information they received despite offering double appointments with a BSL interpreter. I wonder if it might be helpful to make a film available which covered all the basics about maternity care and answered FAQs we could then spend appointment time focussing on your individual pregnancy and answering your questions. If the film had a voiceover and subtitles it might be a valuable resource for parents with visual impairments and learning disabilities as well.

14 November 2019
  • That would be a great resource! Thank you for thinking of it.

    29 April 2020
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