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Who is responsible within English Social Care...?
I am severely disabled and terminally ill single parent. Child not involved with Father either. Long story but after finally complaining to Adult Social Services that my needs are firstly going to be to prioritise my 10 yr old child’s care, which is what they still hadn’t acknowledged I need help with so my daughter can safely live with me - I can’t care for myself. Suddenly they’re referring my child to children’s social services! Please can somebody tell me where I stand (or sit Haha) legally? Who is supposed to help me? And my child? I
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⭐️DISABLED PARENTS - I HAVE A PLEA FOR HELP OF ANY FORM TO; •FIND A LAWYER THAT SPECIALISES IN HUMAN RIGHTS AND PUBLIC LAW I am a disabled single parent, been in receipt of Direct Payments since 2011. My circumstances have become so dire and strained over years and the relationships with family and friends, lost after continuous pressure of having to help and be relied upon. I complained to the council last year after my desperate need to ensure my daughters wellbeing. I still needed an assessment of the care hours so that I could viably have care in place for my daughter. I can’t rely on the only two family members we have any longer but we have no one otherwise. After I’d complained again, THEN almost been conned into signing a funding assessment; I broke down by the realisation this wasn’t getting sorted and my/daughters needs HAVE to be logistically addressed etc. Disabled parents know what that means! 13/05/19 I had a funding assessment at home. I noticed it wasn’t the assessment I’d been given a few days prior and provisionally approved - it was one I’d broken down in frustration to as logistically it didn’t allow me to viably have my daughters care in place by means of a P.A, to support me/ ensure daughters wellbeing. 19 months on, we’ve not been assessed for our needs! Or had it taken into consideration that they’re expecting me to employ someone I can only provide a sofa for, overnight! Complaint including this has been closed by council. Report didn’t address my issues! They’ve shut me up as I take hours, seriously, to construct a paragraph. Can’t speak on the phone and have NOBODY helping me. A solicitor didn’t understand legislation and how statutory regulations for our assessments of needs and that of direct payments have not been done in accordance with legislation. The legal team-two different solicitors from council, referred me back to Social Services and ignored me when I had proof and argument to legally dispute their inaccuracies. If they did things in accordance with legislation, these things wouldn’t be happening! I AM BEGGING SOMEONE TO HELP ME BECAUSE THIS GETS A WHOLE LOT BIGGER AND COMPLICATED. ........ INVOLVING COUNCIL I AM CERTAIN SOMEONE CAN HELP ME GET A LAWYER TO TAKE WHAT THEY HAVE DONE, TO JUDICIAL REVIEW. MY HEALTH IS “ON DETERIORATION” SOMEONE PLEASE HELP BE ABLE TO GET DISABLED PARENT AND THEIR CHILDREN, ACKNOWLEDGED! I CAN EXPOSE WHATS HAPPENING WITH DISABLED PARENTS WITH HELP I CANT POP MY CLOGS KNOWING THAT OTHER PEOPLE WILL CONTINUE TO GO THROUGH THIS AND IN TRUTH DARE NOT SAY HOW NEGLECTED THEY ARE/OTHERWISE LOSING THEIR RESPONSIBILITY OF THEIR CHILDREN. SO many lawyers I have had communication with either don’t have capacity and/or expertise to take this case. Also, the majority of whom don’t understand “needs” and how direct payments work. Or should! They’ve threatened to stop my direct payments now as I’ve disputed what they’re doing legislatively. THANKS FOR READING MY BABBLE- PLEASE HELP
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