Nursery Issues

So many thing have been rudely said by my sons new nursery even befire he started. From the get go I have been told "they are not here for me to get a rest" even though my placement was only given due to doctors letter stating I needed to get more rest. I'm a single mummy to two kiddies the youngest was 3 two weeks ago. He started his induction week Monday just passed and it's been horrid for me. The settling in process at this nursery is a bit weird in the sense that parents stay in nursery and play with there child all week. My sons first day was great. He ran away straight away to play and did not see him again until time to leave. Parents had yet more paper work to do. Tuesday I had an appointment so my mum had to take him and she said he was fine. Wednesday was where it started to go wrong. I did as i was told and walked about, played with my son for 1hr 40 mins before practically callopsing as i need a rest. I had sat down for 6 mins exactly and was told by staff I had to get up and play with my child. I have a chest infection this week so feeling extra awful. This was the first day for lunch and he point blank refused lunch and had a mini meltdown, saying he was not hungry ect. No other member of staff tried to come and help to coax him in to try some lunch. Head teacher then comes over and tells me to go home and he would not be getting lunch next two days and just to come in and go before lunch time. How is that helping/fixing the situation? Thursday was a libery trip where everytime I tried to join in with singing I had a caughing fit, bad day for vertigo, and tremor too. Exhausted as i could not used a pushchair to balance myself as library was a walk away. Staff more or less ignored me. Friday was in the nursery but was ment to be the park. There was no way i could walk 2 hours to park ect, no reigns for my son and no pushchair to balance myself. No staff had been informed and i had to wait for 35 mins in hallway, of course my son was not happy and shouting I want to go play. Eventually got into play room very late and again mostly ignored and just left to wander about with my son and play with him. Went home at time i was told with even a goodbye except for receptionist on the way out the door. Thursday I had emailed the head teacher as she was unavailable whilst I was there and was told he is struggling to settle in, and imature, and i would have to come in all next week and until he will sit and eat all lunch. So next week I've had to cancel appointments ect and now face being on my feet for 4 hours at a time in this place, where I get told not to sit down. Told it could take weeks. Also told they would see how he goes day by day and would discuss it with me. No one has told me anything regarding Thursday or Friday probably because no one paid attention..His key worker is off after he met her for 5 minutes. My anxiety is bad as im exhausted and tremor is bad and other parents/teachers are talking about it. I know they all wonder why I am like i am. I think at least staff should be aware of my issues and be offering support.

9 September 2018

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