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Looking for good mental health advice places for dealing with toxic people

I am 21 weeks pregnant and my hubby and step son are very excited. Unfortunately when I fell ill with my current condition, my family stopped contact. I informed them when I first found out I was pregnant, which they were not too bothered about. When I announced it publicly, it seemed to re-ignite some kind of hatred for me and after a few days, I started receiving messages from relatives (aunts, cousins, etc) being really nasty and telling all kinds of lies, from me not telling anyone I was pregnant (which we proved we did) to me being money grabbing and work shy, not sick. They then decended to the fact I am cruel for forcing a child to come into this work, knowing their parent is disabled and sick, how I am a shame on the family and a sicko.

It was very upsetting and I am trying my best to remain calm as stress causes crashes in my illness and I am scared of hurting the baby who is currently health, fine and my condition is not hereditary, so I think its just prejudice shining through.

Does anyone know any good resources or places I can get advice on dealing with this nasty side of pregnancy with a disability?

20 September 2018

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