Debbie.jones11_1137 asked about:

I can't cope with life

I'm feeling so much stress from working and looking after my children. I have spina bifida and I'm an amputee, my mood is so low! I really really don't want social service involved or my home adapted because I want my kids to have a *normal* upbringing. I have no family only the kids dad side of the family. I can't carry on much longer

16 October 2017
  • Hello Debbie,
    I’m sorry to hear things have been so hard lately! I hope you have had some support by now, how are you?
    I know it’s important to you to give your children a ‘normal’ upbringing, but what is normal? Living in a home with some adaptions and more support will be normal for them, if that’s what you need. It might make them more empathic of other people’s needs as they grow up. And some adaptions and help might make parenting easier and help you feel less stressed, that’s got to be better for everyone!?
    I hope things get easier, be kind to yourself x

    4 December 2017
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